Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A life with guitar ~~ A dream of music ~~

Just knew someone would read my blog, so this has
motivated me to write something more of my thoughts or
opinions of my daily life .

Recently, i've been moving around the PJ , before this,
i've made decided to move to seri petaling to stay with my
aunt and sis. But after living quite a moment with my pals,
at the living room , i found out actually the environment is
not the factor for me to feel comfortable, but people who
i live with.

Last 2 years, i had been living in a big single room alone,
though room was big , but i didnt find it's as warm as
i stayed in college, just too lonely in the room . Like a
rich man without a friend at an island for 2 years ~~~( hAHAHA)

this weekend, i'm going to move again to my sifu's room for
temp, just because i'm gonna wait the appeal to the colleges.
This might sound a bit funny or insane , i've finished my
uni life, why should i go back to that place ? hope i can get
it ...~~

Here is the update of the gig's video ( copy wat yun fei did ),
u guys can watch all of these videos here without any links ~

Here are the songs flow :
1. Opening
2. Glamorous Sky
3. 我的时间
4. Without You
5. Hello






Although played badly, still not feeling to quit ~~

A life with guitar ~~ A dream of music ^_^


Solo said...


li ee said...

dreams always rocks!!!! ^_-
hope still gt chance 2 enjoy u guys' performance ~^^

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Otoko Music by DoReMi Music & Sound said...

U should update your guitar lo! lol