Friday, June 18, 2010


Everyone thought i didnt on the line, actually i was stalking behind the screnes,
just kept quiet for every manners and blog and facebook post
without replying, maybe is the mind feeling quite tired after working, didnt
want to think so much, just felt better use the time to play guitar and games..
this is how i appreciate my time every night.

I'm now working part time at a company named " Konica Minolta ", got the offer from
internet, without any interview, a long hair guy could work in this big company,
with so much weird feelings from others. The duration is only for 1 and half
month, so im gonna end soon, quite happy for that, coz my job is calling customers
everyday, taking orders and sometimes being scolded by customers. People
worked in my department just said " sudah biasala ~~" ..the works are keep
repeating for a month, at least im quite clear what im doing ...

nt having much great feelings, in the morning, the workers dont greet, not
even look at me , but they do greet those sitting bigger post, just
a temp clerk, it's normal.Today, a colleague scolded me by that way, i already felt
that he doesnt really like me, i did my job to him , i already took the notice,
i didnt do anything wrong of that, just a temp clerk...

BUT, wait i become an engineer, thats another way round u guys look at me ~

Last 2 weeks, took part in Groove in Motion 3, i chose a gig at pub, but not
a church camp, means tat i didnt choose God either these was really
that coincident, last year also facing the exact situation. The reason i didnt
choose the camp, it's quite simple reason, first, i dont feel thats my home,
really hard to join the fellas there, those who are elder, then really elder
a lot...those younger, really smaller till make me got no common thinking
or topics with them. Secondly, it's just very charasmatic way to worship
God, honestly, i already started doubt of that kinda practices. So, it's just
to be an outsider of the church.

Then about the gig, it's really exciting to get the offer and did really
appreciate that, even though it's a charity gig but it's worthy for the
time and money spent on that. For the comments of our shows, compared
with other bands, even though thats the 1st time we went to a pub
show, but at least we were quite clear on stage what we gotta do ,
for example like sound balancing . This was learnt by a lesson in university
before, which it might screw up a show, this is even more important
than a showmanship. We played pop and j rock, at least it's easily
accepted by people , and these are something we like too...i did mistake
for the 1st song , a bit disappointed of that, just becoz i changed the
pickup which got weird tone, and pushed it back then got mistake...swt...
need be more steady on stage...

then knew a lot great bands, exposed myself to them , quite happy to know
Awake, the guitarist got a cool guitar, nice ~ have the chance to be on stage
with Xerpent, opera troopers , ANK and Lang. The feeling is different compared
with dayao, suddenly felt that we are matured, because we've further
our first step in another music world.

Once Inch Closer , the band now is main on 4 piece, without keyboardist,
people might ask ...where is our keyboardist for those who know us ..
mm...he has been in a better place, ^_^

just 1 thing i wana say to him, " i did treat u sincerely, especially the moment
of ur big day, i just wanted u to feel happy ~~ "

On July, start to be RA, until october, problem is , if i really cant get
scholarship with my poor results, how ? what is next ? i also no idea..

spent my time here without playing guitar liao ~~ but it's to update a bit..
not only let frens know my feelings or status , but also letting the future
of myself in maybe 4 or 5 months later know what im thinking or doing

God bless ~~


CloudFly said...

wadui,updated blog dy,new template summore lol

yalah,you always online but keep low profile,lk yue harng,no chance to curi curi say sumthing bad bout you,haha

working lah,dun think too much.For human relationship,jz do what we can do,concern who we able to concern,their responce can't manipulate by us.

God bless you....i bless you too lol

jian ling said...


ZaU said...

hehe...yesterday i attended ur
church leh ~~

li ee said...

dint know so much things going on there wor..
seems every1 has their very own task to face n overcome n finally grow mature...
recently,if i gt the chance , i started to update my blog more frequently liao too..
sumtimes feels dat words can cure bitterness

zao,jia you o!!!^0^