Sunday, May 16, 2010

master ~~

Everything done, 4 years Electrical Engineering course
came to the end, next wednesday the final job is just
submit my thesis book to the department, then i will be
the alumni of UM

but i decided to continue further my study...~
everyone is shocked of my decision ~some asked y,
some already thought the reasons for me....
" is it becoz u want to avoid getting into society ?"
" u still wanna play guitar isnt it ? "

in these 4 years, i didnt really study..nt becoz
i dont like , just no target to study...when i wanted
to study when i was in secondary school, because
my target was ' get in university ! ". after that,
whats my next target ? surely cant always go
to 'study' only...have to chase after something i
never do b4 ~~

but actually quite regret, now brain still empty,
dont really understand what i have learned..
but when i internshiped, realized actually working
is different story of study...tat is based on
working knowledge and experience, but problem
is we need to have tat level of education to take
up tat job...the gate of getting the very 1st job
is surely the results...but after that, it may
not tat significant ...

20 years ago, a spm certificate is sufficient to work..
but what about 20 years later, when i thihk of this,
i better have higher a bit now since actually there
are a lot of master students too...whats wrong wif
tat ? when i say wanna take tat, ppl will feel weird,
it's something common lo ok ?

it's just 1 and half year, i think should be ok for me to
have this time to backup of myself again ...~_~


jian ling said...

so ur final decision?? further or grad?? support!! anything. And may God lead you all the way on.

ZaU said...

nt very clear liao meh ? hahaha