Saturday, September 19, 2009

i was lost, im coming back `

now holiday, is free to update myself ..

my fren did ever complain that she would close the blog if it
is written in English , sorry dude, pls close if u r reading now ~

" God gave Rock & Roll to you " , He gives us music ...
whatever kinda music about metal ? is metal satanic ?
mostly say yes ...why do they say so ? becoz of the lyric or
headache to listen tat ? even a soft slow song can be written
as anti God song's up to the idea of the song ...why do we
limit and restrict God's great work ? at least now i thought of
the answer for myself...haha....i do really prefer to all kind..
since He gives us rock ... just like He gives us water , so we drink

recently, im really busy...for study and music ...i joined the
band we went for 2 gigs in 2 weeks....and the
performance always the day before mid term i
was always nervous for the exam on stage , not because of
the presentation...

the band did improve a lot since we gaining some experiences
in these few months...but it really didnt achieve a breakthrough
point...actually , a band is also same as the body of Christ , is
ONE ... the unity of the heart for it... if 1 christian not going to
church with a sincere heart, the church faces difficulties to grow
though just one .... many have been improving in the band ,
like yun fei , he's getting better to play bass ... kai wen is
contributing a lot of his knowledge and stable with his playing ...
jason is energetic on stage , and good in playing guitar too...
although drummer did mistakes for every performance , but he
comes with a heart to play.. dont feel like u r dragging others ,
but know that u have to get improvement for band....dont be
forced to lift up urself , my fren ~

now im getting my balanced's like u want more positive
or negative .. i want to get to neutral... really hard to care for both
sides ... i just dont want myself get into extreme situation , as i
said , i know God has His plan and arrangement , why do i judge on
behalf of Him ? can i say those who dont know Jesus Christ sure r
bad fellows ? these people preventing me to get close to God , so i
left them ? or only worshipping songs we should only listen ? Oh my
goodness , tat may really keep a pure heart , but we are not getting
out of the world , but keep the world out of us ... why do we set that
for God ?

today i went to Glad Tiding , when i just entered the hall, they
were singing worshipping songs , i felt the presence of God was
strong there ...the flowing of the Holy Spirit was there .... i feel
myself refreshed again....great feeling for these 3 weeks i didnt
taste long i didnt go to church for 3 weeks , i was
scared to go church, cz i dont want to drag the church...but Jesus
does love everyone .... He is willing to forgive ...He is waiting u to ask
forgiveness ...sorry Jesus...~~

my brother now has been converted ....he accepted Jesus Christ
to be his saviour reminded me 5 months ago, when i accepted
Christ and he was still an atheist ...dont u guys think it's such a
miracle ? my frens thought is i who converted or forced him...i tell
u ...there's none people can do that except our Mighty God , only He
can touch people's heart.. we always sing the song .. There is none
like You ....tats so true ... my bro was touched by the Holy Spirit ...
there's no turning back when Holy Spirit came upon you , you will
be out of control ...

i may share my testimony again here... it's quite similar to his
..when my pastor , a fren and i were chatting in the church , my
pastor made an ending prayer , after that , she said " i feel the
presence of God now ".. haha...i felt nothing what ...and i thought
was present of God...mana hadiah ? we kept on our conversation ,
just a while , i felt tears coming out of my eyes, i feel nothing but
tears were going out...sure i controlled could i cry suddenly
.....suddenly heart turned to a very sad mode .... felt so guilty to
someone....and i know that is God ...then i started to cry ....and my
pastor said again " tats y i feel the presence of God " ...

when an elder prayed for my brother last few weeks in a church
camp,his body was shaking and suddenly started to cry ...he could
feel the presence of God there could an atheist tell u that
he could feel the presence of God... his body couldnt stand of the
presence of the Holy Spirit , and i did always see some christians
shaking ....coz the Holy Spirit already came upon their bodies ,
actually He was there to wake up the spirit man who is sleeping
in the body for these 20 years ...haha... tats the miracles God's

b4 this , i was quite aggressive to force my frens to listen
or to accept Him... now i dont ...i find the best way...tats to pray
....not i convert them ....but only God can convert a human being
....keep on praying , christians ....for you love the people who are
non christians ... keep asking the blessing of Jesus's Mighty Name,