Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dayao 2010 Photos ~

Ya, as titled, dayao photos...but it's only for my photos la...
hahaha...after reading cloud's blog..then my turn to lan c liao

P1: Ending of Dayao

P2 : i think i found something

P3 : Battle ?

P4 : just rest

p5 : AHHHH

P6: Fingers painful !!
P7 : the most handsome photo

p8: Cloth changed

p9 : donno wat to say ~

p10 : same pose ~`

p11 : with jason again ~

p12 : wind ?

p13 : all ss
p14 : nice flowers ...

this guy lan c 1st...~~ hahaha....really thnx to Li EE and other
photographers...really have a lot photos this time...compared with
my previous years ~~