Monday, August 17, 2009

God loves the world ~

last 2 days , my pastor asked the youths a question " what Jesus
wants from u ?" they anwered " pure heart "...

then she asked 1 by 1 how to get pure heart...

when she asked me , i wanted to answer , but someone interrupted ,
so i didnt tell the answer there...

how to get pure heart ? way now is " getting out of the
world "..rebuke many things in my life....i stop some entertaiments
like watching dramas...even quit my band ... just like a monk living
in a temple...

how i know is tat way....everytime i stepped to the world, my white
robe will be dirty, full of mud....everytime i go back home...need
Jesus helps me to cleanse ... just like a kid always goes out of house
and plays with frens....when back home, the clothes r so dirty..but
the mom still clean for him even though quite angry sometimes...
tats how merciful of a mother , nature love from God..

if i dont go out of house...i lost my frens....and im losing now....~
is tat the best way to keep ur children at home only to make
sure that their hearts are pure with no pollution....? will tat
child grow healthily ? or teach tat kid to be wise how to avoid ?
guide them to learn the beauty of the world....not in the house ~
the world needs the correct the should
not be like this ....what's the contribution of a man who just
staying in house ?

parable :
wats the use of the most expensive fastest computer
if it cant be connected to the whole wide
internet to update itself...who wants tat computer ?
how doest the pc feel ?

should i get back to the world ?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His
only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not
perish bt have everlasting life ~ Amen ~

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Submarine Christian ?

feel like wanna post a share something

my very msg in my thought now is " be faithful to God ".....
for a sinner who like me how can say this "faith"...i dont
have it all not obedient to His word.. what a shame
to see those really LOVE His word, keep reading the Bible...
i just spend very very little for Him....

"Are you a submarine christian ? " this question was asked by
an elder in a morning devotion... r u one of the christians who
just go to church every Sunday ? who just appear once a week
just like the submarine traveling under the sea, just come out
a while to ' breath ' then dive again ~~

im better than the submarine i know tat

but im on the ship without steering wheel....sometimes follow
correctly with the path of God....sometimes losing to somewhere..
always need people help me to get back to tat...after helping me..
i would still go another ways....wat a problem~ i know the problem
but still let it happens ....

we always pray..." Lord , let us get close to You...please !!"
He is there, and always replies " Come, Come to me ~"
after praying , then get on bed.....and He is waiting alone...
and He is still waiting ....with tear...and keep saying " Come,
Come to me ~"

do we do something for God ? do we ?

James 2:26 For as the body without the spirit
is dead, for the FAITH without works is dead also

Lord is faithful to us too...
1 Thessalonians 5:24
He who calls you faithful, so Who also will do it

only we choose not for His will
all time....we take it too sad Father...sorry Father..
brothers and sisters , Father doesnt demand money from u..
He doesnt demand u to give Him big house to live ...
He doesnt demand u to give Him many maids to serve Him...

He wants u to spend little time to talk to real life,
if we talk to our father few words a day...i think he already satisfies
...this is what i didnt do at home....

He is faithful....because He loves u .....i cant think of other reasons...
He really loves u all....come on pls sing the song " take me deeper,
deeper that i've never been before, i just want to LOVE YOU more
and more "

maybe some christians think to be just a 'normal' christian...
just be need to be like pastor or envangelist
what is normal ? which is normal ? if u think u r normal just
to be submarine...pls ask Holy Spirit ....r u a normal christian ?

y my post sounds discouraging that the best just praising
christians ? i dont really like to be praised too much since b4 i was
christian......if people dont know appreciating 'praise' ....tat fellow will
be sober or drunk of tat... ( haha ...not sober of Holy Spirit ah !) ..
pride will be coming......and will hardly see the truth and the glory of God...

forgive me i cant show the most suitable verses since im not good in
Bible...let me walk close with You, the name of Jesus , i pray..Amen ~