Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dayao 2010 Photos ~

Ya, as titled, dayao photos...but it's only for my photos la...
hahaha...after reading cloud's blog..then my turn to lan c liao

P1: Ending of Dayao

P2 : i think i found something

P3 : Battle ?

P4 : just rest

p5 : AHHHH

P6: Fingers painful !!
P7 : the most handsome photo

p8: Cloth changed

p9 : donno wat to say ~

p10 : same pose ~`

p11 : with jason again ~

p12 : wind ?

p13 : all ss
p14 : nice flowers ...

this guy lan c 1st...~~ hahaha....really thnx to Li EE and other
photographers...really have a lot photos this time...compared with
my previous years ~~


li ee said...
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li ee said...

wow,reli lotz nic pic yo!
i lik da last pic,nice ^^
(u noe who shot it? =b)

dis ppl ar,sendiri want lan c(oops =b) still pull other into the pond pula,aiyooyoo~ ^_-

i jz doing wat i lik,enjoyed a lot dat nite ^^

thx 4 the steamboat anyway

*pss,i felt 1st suit better
(dats y i din po 2nd suit's pic =b )

ZaU said...

more photos nt yet uploaded...~~

who o ?

2nd suit just really
cincai got from home last
minute..didnt plan for tat...
my jacket was couldnt
wear it ~~

CloudFly said...

wah,u so good help to promote my blog ^.^

cheh,i langsung didnt prepare cloth for dayao pun,all cloth are find frm cupboard 2hours b4 dayao lol

li ee said...


basist also nid 包装 de ler,pics will look nicer, then ppl will come n ask u 2 take pic wit them also =b