Friday, July 9, 2010

A life with guitar....A new target of dream ~~

Maybe i didnt make it clear of recent update, let's say about it again ~

I've ended the part time job working at Konica Minolta, the period
offered was only one month. Even though quite short, but i did learn
something and exposed to other working field. It was my first part time,
first time earned money myself also. Later i will upload the photos with
ex colleagues and explain the characteristics and company system which
i observed for a month. Hahaha ~~

I'm now in the lab, working as a research assistant, but in fact , nothing
to do with lab works. I'm just concentrating doing my master programme
topic, where it has been started unofficially. I'm not as lucky as another
master student, could get offer from another lecturer, paid very high
stipend ( higher than an engineer ), and can skip the fee. I'm actually
worried of it ...-_-! So in these 4 months, i must have achieved something
to show to my supervisor ~~

in the morning just realized jason returned the Boss Super Chorus to me,
about 1 month after the gig, i didnt open the box to play~ i didnt stop playing,
but just touch the acoustic guitar. Recently, dunno why i like hearing , find
the notes by ears, that feels enjoying . Slowly to stop using gtp ~~

actually some frens did ask me ..." what is ur next collection ?" ...

Compressor ? An effect used to regulate the sound wave and sustain, suitable for funk and jazz in clean sound .

Loop Station ? A recorder , it might give more inspiration by the rythmm loop i think so

Vox Big Bad Wah ?
A new modern of wah where includes vintage tone and great designed by
Joe Satriani.

Why not a good guitar ? I'm using Ibanez RG series, it was around RM1480,
purchased from Bently guitarshop 3 years ago. It was good looking with the
silver steel plate on guitar , where you may see the reflection of the colorful light
on the stage.

I do still remember the sound of the guitar at the 1st time , ah foo helped me
tested a lot ibanez low range guitars ..haha ~~ he could describe the tone
and sound of every guitar with funny and nice words . But actually all i heard
seem no difference at all, distortion or clean for every just same. When tried
on this guitar , i felt this guitar seems got bit temper, the voice seems
quite angry at that time compared to other ibanez guitars.
Thats how i feel it's rock , and the price also affordable . Finally, i brought it home
on that day.

Last December, i changed the pickup, it has enhanced and fully boosted the
potential of guitar to the max. The price of the pickup is almost half price of the
guitar...haha ~~ mmm...why change ah ? every guitarist sure telling u need to
change the pickup , a lot of reasons given . Everytime i buy or change something
new is becoz i experience and realize the importance of certain instruments .
The pickups are Dimarzio LiquiFire and Crunch Lab which designed by John Petrucci, i did feel so excited when i heard it after the 'revolution'.
It sounds clearer, stronger tone , and the mid is higher than before.

But since it's still a low range guitar, im always desired to have another one ,
feels great to see and listen to other guitars .

Ahh...~ a dream of guitar....a new target of life ~~

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