Sunday, November 21, 2010


I did ever tell my fren, actually working as engineer is an easy job,
i further explained " just using 1 formula with arimethic
way can solve many questions ", then she was surprised " that easy ah ?
i should be the engineer also ~~" Actually it sounded like a doctor
also an easy job, just give panadol can cure the sick ..

In fact, we need lot of knowledges and experiences to design or
solve the current issues , understanding and application of information
is different story...or information from others, especially u
believe it exactly ? then tell the clients the way they told u ? it's risky
and bias be a profesional engineer...ahhhh ~~ need to study a lot !!
Not only using 1 formula...but every single part of the design must be
mastered ~~

Am i happy working in this company ? Working ot every night, sometimes
might sacrifice weekend to work to complete part of my jobs..i do still
enjoy the process of learning and catching up as much as im able...maybe
im still very fresh, since the company giving me so many opportunities
to learn and practice, it's quite exciting and challenging for every single step
or person whom i face with.

Im sent to meeting, a young guy with this kinda hair style surely sometimes
noticeable, if im client, seeing this fella come meeting with me, and have
no experiences at all, surely i will scold and ask him to get back office
and send another profesional engineer to see me, because i paid for consultation.
Fortunately, havent really met these clients. But what to do ? I dont blame
them if im being scolded, they are just curious of my services, and need
to know more, is my problem cant give any helping hand.

Last post , i was still excited writing about my master programme. 4 months
later, everything seem have changed. Huu...~~ i did share it with her, then
she said " it's maybe God set the path for you, He knows what u need
to do~"

1st day, i changed mind on 1st day, my respectful senior came to talk to me,
tat moment i was really in worry, felt so down..then told him my situations
of taking mater programme, he did give good suggestions to me day,
i was talking with another new fren, he mentioned about current company
which he rejected to work for, but actually the salary and conditions
offered was really not bad, it's really interesting. 3rd day, i applied it
through a fren, and i alraedy knew i surely could get it. I also not sure why i
had that confidence ~ i went to the interview without cutting my long hair,
and boss was not really mind of that. He even told me " b4 u came for
interview, i already employed you~ " In 3 days, i changed my 2 months plan,
and got it all.

Even my living place, also not bad, very close to office, haha...just 1 minute
drive only. Met with nice housemates...they are frenly and active talking..
'same odor' ...hahah ~~

Here really thanks God who has this well plan for me, He also even solved
a lot of my working problems, sometimes really out of my control, even
my colleague also said " God has answered your prayer"...^_^
but as God told me b4, now my heart is like a upside down bottle, He couldnt
fill anything into me...i know the truth, but the doubt is still there, i never
hope God appears in my dreams , and explains to me, because the answer
is already in the Bible...

writing so long, actually i have more to say....let's it in another blog...
i feel tasty when i read my old's better to jot down something
'everything' i have blog let's talk about dreams...Music -Guitar ~~

Hope i grow up as planned , and be equipped as a professional engineer
with a great title " IR"

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Jocelyn Stemilyn said...

visited! nice sharing there...hope u'll find the "bright" direction soon =P