Tuesday, January 5, 2010


very long time didnt touch the blog...~

life becomes hopeless ~~...where's the target ...
wat do i want now ~~ these few days worrying of
life after graduation...~ after tat , need to work,
but got wat job to do ...this is the final problem
that finally i need to face it... world is so competitive..
dont know wat to say too...im not strong to
fight for tat meat ... ~~ maybe now class too less,
always alone at home , dont know what to do...
even no motivation to push me do thesis ...just
getting worried...

the church which im attending i dont feel tats
my home...im a stranger there...very very weird
everytime i go...really dont want to go again ~..

now we are crazy for music, obviously , in the
sight of other ppl , just wasting time , no bright
future , meaningless... but life is for us to enjoy ?
or blindly go towards ur target but after that
there's nothing , maybe only money in front of u ..
but u have nothing else ....nothing else ...

after watching 2012 , maybe even u have money ,or
already purchased the tickets, if both of ur legs not
stepping in the ship , u not considered safe ...just like
now u havin a lot of money , but u not considered
saved too... i heard a story b4, a doctor told a pastor
tat he was very sad....pastor asked y ...he said now
he has become a doctor becoz of his parents , actually
he wanted to be an artist. we may see his success ,
but has he stepped in his ship ?

ppl may think im optimistic , happy guy....
but the time im quiet is more than the period im
laughing ... -_- ~ dunno how to cheer up


jian ling said...

which church u are attending now? Not the past one meh? Go mine there lar... Recently learn a lot at PJstate.

Y so moody? You are being tied up by yourself now... Go back to the Lord...

Solo said...

learn guitar la...don't think here and there, but end up with nothing