Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Diary ~

tomorrrow early morning , 6.30am dayao photo session..
i've been joining for 3 years, but never take one...
but tomorrow maybe my 1st time to show up, fresh face
in dayao...i sure will be treated as the fellas who just
play but no contribution at all to dayao...cz never join
marketing drive , never attend a meeting ...and so on..
mm...nvm ~~ but thanks those who did a lot to dayao..

need to go the factory very early so tat i can see
those in charge of the materials...my thesis...start to
feel nervous...im too relaxing myself...too ~

mmk closing tomorrow....already no feeling ..~~
still remember when i was in 1st year...i involved
a lot ....multimedia especially..and i was the main
actor in the movie....really too much fun and felt
so proud of myself... after mmk, always walked
past bsg , looked inside who in...we always would
go back tat room when we were free...cz we
did spend most of the time when we were doing
our stuffs there.....ppl might ask y i changed to
become so active to talk....i tell u...becoz mmk...~
i grew ~

ok...talk about religion nw ..~ i got 1 question...
till now still not solved.... many christians did try
to explain it....they explain becoz they think tats the
answer ... by the way...the answer can be my weapon
to attack back...~

question is simple ~~ " why are there practices
whom the pastors use to annoint the people which
Bible never mention before ? " christians sure
know im indicating...for example , annoint by hands,
then blow ...then the fella must fall down on floor...
y must fall ? becoz need to accept the Holy Spirit ..
tats the common answer..tats the moment where
Holy Spirit comforted the hearts... but i've been
annointed so many times...really no tat great feeling..
my pastor told me b4...wait for tat....something will
happen...i did wait for an hour...ntg ...is ntg..~

As we refer back to Bible, ( i seldom read now )..
Jesus or other disciple never did tat also...they prayed
and did the healing....but no such annointing...~~ right ?

so i asked , the answer i got is new movement of Holy
Spirit...means He is also changing new way in the
new century... is tat acceptable ? it can be....

so can i ask also ....how bout New Age religions ? can i
assume tat Lord is now changing to build up a lot of
new age religions so that more people can be saved one
day simply because our God is loving us...sure i will be
scolded becoz i assume tat .....but my frens , how about
u assume the changing of the Holy Spirit ?

God is everlasting forever....changing ?...modifying ..?

Holy Laughter , not all christains seen it before, but
u may go youtube search it....or wikiepdia it

Holy Laughter
Holy Laughter is a phenomenon that occurs at certain Charismatic gatherings. Some participants (from a handful, to almost the whole audience at times) find themselves laughing uncontrollably for no particular reason, sometimes even to the point of falling out of their chairs and rolling on the floor in convulsions of laughter. This can occur no matter the topic being addressed by the current speaker from the pulpit-even when the speaker is expounding on such matters as Eternal Judgment and Hell. It is taught in such settings that this is a supernatural manifestation which indicates a special in-filling of the individual by the Holy Spirit. Although this phenomenon has been reported in isolated instances for the past 100 years or so, it first attracted widespread attention in the early 1990s as one of the typical manifestations involved with the Toronto Blessing movement. The most prominent individual connected with the Holy Laughter phenomenon is South African evangelist Rodney Howard-Browne, who styles himself "Joel's Bartender." This is a reference to the prophecy in the Bible in Joel 2 regarding the pouring out of the Holy Spirit. Those who are overcome with Holy Laughter at Howard-Browne's meetings are viewed as being "drunk with (or in) the Holy Spirit," and some do behave as if physically intoxicated, to the point that they are unable to drive home from meetings.

very long right ? i just summarise it ...means there's a spirit which never
being mentioned in Bible from 2000 years ago, but the Spirit appeared
100 years ago...mm...is it same like a new age things ? like my fren's religion
is also new , it was around the year of 1960..... we always say
tat Jesus is the only way...no others...becoz fact is not changing...~ but
why do the Holy Spirit change ? im scared....im scared tats not the spirit...
which my church now having it...i do prefer traditional way now...~~

im not scared to ask ....i hope all chrsitians ....just ask when u have doubt..
coz our God is true....not scared being questioned .... i still have some
questions...~ ask deeper...will help more...

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jian ling said...

I hope you will know, nothing outside the bible is real. I am glad that you realize it and going to clear up about it. Please refer other pastor, maybe you can go my church there. I just know that, the Lord never say that He will send others down after Jesus.