Thursday, July 30, 2009

i love Jesus

now im writing a journal " Growing with Lord "

it's started by April , how i was some kinda anti-Christ...
felt tat christians really freak and extreme all time ...
but now i become one of an extreme christian so called...
i didnt understand, but now i know the truth ...tat changes
me in these months

i missed too many great testimonies which i havent shared
in my blog, these testimonies all are so precious and worthy,
but how many readers appreciate the works of God , i just will
share to those who really want to listen and read it....thnx God..
i really Love Him so much since im knowing Him more and more
everytime...nobody can imagine how mercy He is , to forgive
our sins all time.. how great His love everytime just keep flowing
to us when we just voice and shout " Jesus, i love You !" He also
loves us , He loves everyone , not only christians , but others ...
those who dont like him , even heard His name ...people are
scared and angry, becoz His name Jesus is so powerful and fearful..
this proves how great our God is !~~

on the judgement day ...everyone will bow down, every
tounges will confess tat Jesus is the Lord....and believe me ,
my frens...He is comingsoon.....if u dont believe in tat, y dont u
TRY to pray tonight after readingmy blog and asks " Jesus,, if u
r really coming , can u pls show me ?" makestat sure
that He will come to seek u ...just like when i reallywanted to seek
for Him just becoz i wanted to prove tat christians were goingto a
wrong way !~~....i've never cried for any other god....only i cry for
Him beczit's a carnal crying , not my mind to cry ....but my heart
, the Spirit man inside is crying when i have the mercy everytime...

i didnt think tat i was a sinful man, y would i think myself sinful,
i didnt kill , i didnt drink , i didnt gamble , i didnt commit crime....
i tot i was so good and clean...when a christian asked " where do u
think u going after end of ur life ?"my nature answer is " sure hell
..." becoz i myself also knew tat i was not asclean as God's favor ....
when i accepted Him and knew the truth ...i just found out all r sin
inside me...i pray Lord to help cleanse me with the Blood Of
Jesus, to take away the sin...the desires the name of Jesus ,
He helping me all time...

im not good enough...there's no stop love ....there's no end to
love Him... and i wanna walk right behind of Him...i wanna get
closer with Him... i want His big hug once only in my life....i
want His loving touch again... so tat i can really be a Christian~


pacilia_tan said...

Let's glorify his name forever and ever, for he alone is worthy.

i believe GOD will bring you to a higher level..

LeX said...

Hi Ah Zau!!

This is the Korean popular Kristian song!!

I like it so much...


ZaU said...

problem is i donno understand what she singing ah ~~ haha