Wednesday, January 26, 2011






说好的约定,好像还很久 :(

Sunday, November 21, 2010


I did ever tell my fren, actually working as engineer is an easy job,
i further explained " just using 1 formula with arimethic
way can solve many questions ", then she was surprised " that easy ah ?
i should be the engineer also ~~" Actually it sounded like a doctor
also an easy job, just give panadol can cure the sick ..

In fact, we need lot of knowledges and experiences to design or
solve the current issues , understanding and application of information
is different story...or information from others, especially u
believe it exactly ? then tell the clients the way they told u ? it's risky
and bias be a profesional engineer...ahhhh ~~ need to study a lot !!
Not only using 1 formula...but every single part of the design must be
mastered ~~

Am i happy working in this company ? Working ot every night, sometimes
might sacrifice weekend to work to complete part of my jobs..i do still
enjoy the process of learning and catching up as much as im able...maybe
im still very fresh, since the company giving me so many opportunities
to learn and practice, it's quite exciting and challenging for every single step
or person whom i face with.

Im sent to meeting, a young guy with this kinda hair style surely sometimes
noticeable, if im client, seeing this fella come meeting with me, and have
no experiences at all, surely i will scold and ask him to get back office
and send another profesional engineer to see me, because i paid for consultation.
Fortunately, havent really met these clients. But what to do ? I dont blame
them if im being scolded, they are just curious of my services, and need
to know more, is my problem cant give any helping hand.

Last post , i was still excited writing about my master programme. 4 months
later, everything seem have changed. Huu...~~ i did share it with her, then
she said " it's maybe God set the path for you, He knows what u need
to do~"

1st day, i changed mind on 1st day, my respectful senior came to talk to me,
tat moment i was really in worry, felt so down..then told him my situations
of taking mater programme, he did give good suggestions to me day,
i was talking with another new fren, he mentioned about current company
which he rejected to work for, but actually the salary and conditions
offered was really not bad, it's really interesting. 3rd day, i applied it
through a fren, and i alraedy knew i surely could get it. I also not sure why i
had that confidence ~ i went to the interview without cutting my long hair,
and boss was not really mind of that. He even told me " b4 u came for
interview, i already employed you~ " In 3 days, i changed my 2 months plan,
and got it all.

Even my living place, also not bad, very close to office, haha...just 1 minute
drive only. Met with nice housemates...they are frenly and active talking..
'same odor' ...hahah ~~

Here really thanks God who has this well plan for me, He also even solved
a lot of my working problems, sometimes really out of my control, even
my colleague also said " God has answered your prayer"...^_^
but as God told me b4, now my heart is like a upside down bottle, He couldnt
fill anything into me...i know the truth, but the doubt is still there, i never
hope God appears in my dreams , and explains to me, because the answer
is already in the Bible...

writing so long, actually i have more to say....let's it in another blog...
i feel tasty when i read my old's better to jot down something
'everything' i have blog let's talk about dreams...Music -Guitar ~~

Hope i grow up as planned , and be equipped as a professional engineer
with a great title " IR"

Friday, July 9, 2010

A life with guitar....A new target of dream ~~

Maybe i didnt make it clear of recent update, let's say about it again ~

I've ended the part time job working at Konica Minolta, the period
offered was only one month. Even though quite short, but i did learn
something and exposed to other working field. It was my first part time,
first time earned money myself also. Later i will upload the photos with
ex colleagues and explain the characteristics and company system which
i observed for a month. Hahaha ~~

I'm now in the lab, working as a research assistant, but in fact , nothing
to do with lab works. I'm just concentrating doing my master programme
topic, where it has been started unofficially. I'm not as lucky as another
master student, could get offer from another lecturer, paid very high
stipend ( higher than an engineer ), and can skip the fee. I'm actually
worried of it ...-_-! So in these 4 months, i must have achieved something
to show to my supervisor ~~

in the morning just realized jason returned the Boss Super Chorus to me,
about 1 month after the gig, i didnt open the box to play~ i didnt stop playing,
but just touch the acoustic guitar. Recently, dunno why i like hearing , find
the notes by ears, that feels enjoying . Slowly to stop using gtp ~~

actually some frens did ask me ..." what is ur next collection ?" ...

Compressor ? An effect used to regulate the sound wave and sustain, suitable for funk and jazz in clean sound .

Loop Station ? A recorder , it might give more inspiration by the rythmm loop i think so

Vox Big Bad Wah ?
A new modern of wah where includes vintage tone and great designed by
Joe Satriani.

Why not a good guitar ? I'm using Ibanez RG series, it was around RM1480,
purchased from Bently guitarshop 3 years ago. It was good looking with the
silver steel plate on guitar , where you may see the reflection of the colorful light
on the stage.

I do still remember the sound of the guitar at the 1st time , ah foo helped me
tested a lot ibanez low range guitars ..haha ~~ he could describe the tone
and sound of every guitar with funny and nice words . But actually all i heard
seem no difference at all, distortion or clean for every just same. When tried
on this guitar , i felt this guitar seems got bit temper, the voice seems
quite angry at that time compared to other ibanez guitars.
Thats how i feel it's rock , and the price also affordable . Finally, i brought it home
on that day.

Last December, i changed the pickup, it has enhanced and fully boosted the
potential of guitar to the max. The price of the pickup is almost half price of the
guitar...haha ~~ mmm...why change ah ? every guitarist sure telling u need to
change the pickup , a lot of reasons given . Everytime i buy or change something
new is becoz i experience and realize the importance of certain instruments .
The pickups are Dimarzio LiquiFire and Crunch Lab which designed by John Petrucci, i did feel so excited when i heard it after the 'revolution'.
It sounds clearer, stronger tone , and the mid is higher than before.

But since it's still a low range guitar, im always desired to have another one ,
feels great to see and listen to other guitars .

Ahh...~ a dream of guitar....a new target of life ~~

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A life with guitar ~~ A dream of music ~~

Just knew someone would read my blog, so this has
motivated me to write something more of my thoughts or
opinions of my daily life .

Recently, i've been moving around the PJ , before this,
i've made decided to move to seri petaling to stay with my
aunt and sis. But after living quite a moment with my pals,
at the living room , i found out actually the environment is
not the factor for me to feel comfortable, but people who
i live with.

Last 2 years, i had been living in a big single room alone,
though room was big , but i didnt find it's as warm as
i stayed in college, just too lonely in the room . Like a
rich man without a friend at an island for 2 years ~~~( hAHAHA)

this weekend, i'm going to move again to my sifu's room for
temp, just because i'm gonna wait the appeal to the colleges.
This might sound a bit funny or insane , i've finished my
uni life, why should i go back to that place ? hope i can get
it ...~~

Here is the update of the gig's video ( copy wat yun fei did ),
u guys can watch all of these videos here without any links ~

Here are the songs flow :
1. Opening
2. Glamorous Sky
3. 我的时间
4. Without You
5. Hello






Although played badly, still not feeling to quit ~~

A life with guitar ~~ A dream of music ^_^

Friday, June 18, 2010


Everyone thought i didnt on the line, actually i was stalking behind the screnes,
just kept quiet for every manners and blog and facebook post
without replying, maybe is the mind feeling quite tired after working, didnt
want to think so much, just felt better use the time to play guitar and games..
this is how i appreciate my time every night.

I'm now working part time at a company named " Konica Minolta ", got the offer from
internet, without any interview, a long hair guy could work in this big company,
with so much weird feelings from others. The duration is only for 1 and half
month, so im gonna end soon, quite happy for that, coz my job is calling customers
everyday, taking orders and sometimes being scolded by customers. People
worked in my department just said " sudah biasala ~~" ..the works are keep
repeating for a month, at least im quite clear what im doing ...

nt having much great feelings, in the morning, the workers dont greet, not
even look at me , but they do greet those sitting bigger post, just
a temp clerk, it's normal.Today, a colleague scolded me by that way, i already felt
that he doesnt really like me, i did my job to him , i already took the notice,
i didnt do anything wrong of that, just a temp clerk...

BUT, wait i become an engineer, thats another way round u guys look at me ~

Last 2 weeks, took part in Groove in Motion 3, i chose a gig at pub, but not
a church camp, means tat i didnt choose God either these was really
that coincident, last year also facing the exact situation. The reason i didnt
choose the camp, it's quite simple reason, first, i dont feel thats my home,
really hard to join the fellas there, those who are elder, then really elder
a lot...those younger, really smaller till make me got no common thinking
or topics with them. Secondly, it's just very charasmatic way to worship
God, honestly, i already started doubt of that kinda practices. So, it's just
to be an outsider of the church.

Then about the gig, it's really exciting to get the offer and did really
appreciate that, even though it's a charity gig but it's worthy for the
time and money spent on that. For the comments of our shows, compared
with other bands, even though thats the 1st time we went to a pub
show, but at least we were quite clear on stage what we gotta do ,
for example like sound balancing . This was learnt by a lesson in university
before, which it might screw up a show, this is even more important
than a showmanship. We played pop and j rock, at least it's easily
accepted by people , and these are something we like too...i did mistake
for the 1st song , a bit disappointed of that, just becoz i changed the
pickup which got weird tone, and pushed it back then got mistake...swt...
need be more steady on stage...

then knew a lot great bands, exposed myself to them , quite happy to know
Awake, the guitarist got a cool guitar, nice ~ have the chance to be on stage
with Xerpent, opera troopers , ANK and Lang. The feeling is different compared
with dayao, suddenly felt that we are matured, because we've further
our first step in another music world.

Once Inch Closer , the band now is main on 4 piece, without keyboardist,
people might ask ...where is our keyboardist for those who know us ..
mm...he has been in a better place, ^_^

just 1 thing i wana say to him, " i did treat u sincerely, especially the moment
of ur big day, i just wanted u to feel happy ~~ "

On July, start to be RA, until october, problem is , if i really cant get
scholarship with my poor results, how ? what is next ? i also no idea..

spent my time here without playing guitar liao ~~ but it's to update a bit..
not only let frens know my feelings or status , but also letting the future
of myself in maybe 4 or 5 months later know what im thinking or doing

God bless ~~

Sunday, May 16, 2010

master ~~

Everything done, 4 years Electrical Engineering course
came to the end, next wednesday the final job is just
submit my thesis book to the department, then i will be
the alumni of UM

but i decided to continue further my study...~
everyone is shocked of my decision ~some asked y,
some already thought the reasons for me....
" is it becoz u want to avoid getting into society ?"
" u still wanna play guitar isnt it ? "

in these 4 years, i didnt really study..nt becoz
i dont like , just no target to study...when i wanted
to study when i was in secondary school, because
my target was ' get in university ! ". after that,
whats my next target ? surely cant always go
to 'study' only...have to chase after something i
never do b4 ~~

but actually quite regret, now brain still empty,
dont really understand what i have learned..
but when i internshiped, realized actually working
is different story of study...tat is based on
working knowledge and experience, but problem
is we need to have tat level of education to take
up tat job...the gate of getting the very 1st job
is surely the results...but after that, it may
not tat significant ...

20 years ago, a spm certificate is sufficient to work..
but what about 20 years later, when i thihk of this,
i better have higher a bit now since actually there
are a lot of master students too...whats wrong wif
tat ? when i say wanna take tat, ppl will feel weird,
it's something common lo ok ?

it's just 1 and half year, i think should be ok for me to
have this time to backup of myself again ...~_~

Thursday, April 1, 2010

are we tat weak ?

huhu ~~

just 2 days , the stock decreased like storm, all seeem
gone...~~really shocked and surprised with all of it...
i know the reason, it's nt simply of 1 or 2 words , but
actually kept so long to wait till this day..~~

surely is He testing ....if not , situation wouldnt be so
critical...which would spoil up a lot of things...but what
expectation He waiting...i really dunno ~~ and lazy guess..
wait and see ~~

only my best fren knows what im saying ~